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This resulted in a stunning blindside and Ozzy's first ever appearance on a IGN TV: What was your reaction to being asked back to the show? I mean, I tried to do what I could to get away from that, or deflect some of that energy but, you know, there's not really much I could do. I was kind of surprised 'cause that was not my intention. Ozzy: We're still dating, you know, we're just taking it slow. IGN TV: Going into the game, you obviously had to know you'd have a huge target on your back. Ozzy: I tried hypnotizing people, and that didn't work too well. IGN TV: You and Amanda got very friendly, to say the least. IGN TV: Did you know how public your make-out session was that one night? However, it looked very much like you were controlling the Malakal tribe. Ozzy: Yeah, I just had to do what I could at tribal council to deflect some of that spotlight, but I definitely was [the leader] because they didn’t really know what they were doing for the most Do you think that you got a fair edit?(Perhaps that's why he didn't even bring the idol to his final tribal council? But it looked like you and James had talked and thought that something might be going on. What do you regret most about how this went down? Rather than relying on your physical ability, as you did in your first season, you played more of a social game this time. We've seen on Survivor that "showmances" can work.

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Ethan & Jenna Another early Survivor power couple, Ethan and Jenna both won their respective seasons, yet that isn’t even what makes them true survivors.The tribes now consist of: Squares that are thickly outlined indicate which tribe member had individual immunity at said tribal council* Spencer initially voted for Parvati, but switched his vote after the first round tie** On day 29, Erik and Jenna were stuck in a deadlock tie after the revote, with Erik, Jeff, Kim, and Ryan all voting for Jenna, and Jenna, Jennifer, Spencer, and Todd, all voting for Erik.As a result, the tribe had to revote, with Erik and Jenna immune., Kim won her first individual immunity, and chose to vote out Jennifer, taking Jeff with her to the final two.The the final tribal council, Jeff and Kim both pleaded their case to the jury that they helped create, and when the votes came in, Jeff was crowned the winner of Survivor: Couples after recieving five of the seven jury votes.For another fun virtual game see Survivor: Winners vs.

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